Pastor/Local Superintendent Greeting

Dear Friends in Christ,

For over one hundred and seventy-five years, St. Peter’s Parish has sacrificed and labored to teach the Faith to generations of parishioners. A significant part of witnessing to this faith has been through our parish school system, this year celebrating the 150th anniversary. As we plan for the future, it is clear that many parishioners are committed to the continuation of our school. Our graduates are among those who are our hope for the future!

Nationally and locally, the future of Catholic education is the responsibility of the entire Church. St. Peter’s Parish invests significant dollars in the operation of our Catholic school system. The priority given to St. Peter’s School has been part of our history, and, with your continued financial support, we will continue making history.

The mission of Jesus Christ calls us to grow in our baptismal faith; a faith that is renewed every Sunday in our parish, the parishes that are represented in our school community, as well as the churches that enrich this community. From the day of our baptism, we are immersed into the paschal mystery of Christ. It is this faith that is taught in our school and reflected in the way we practice true discipleship. What we teach, how we live, the Christian values we share and the expectations we have for our children and parents flow from our regular commitment to Sunday Eucharist and the practice of stewardship.

Faith-based, Catholic education offers ideals and opportunities for the future. We believe it is worth the sacrifice you must make spiritually and financially. My prayer is that, together, we will continue to make our parish, our churches, and our community a beacon of light and hope to all who come to us. May our students continue to make a contribution to the human family as they pursue goodness, discipline, and learning–150 years strong!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Very Rev. Gregory R. Hite, V.F., M.S., S.T.L.
Pastor and Local Superintendent