St. Peter’s Kindergarten offers a full-day experience that provides developmental programs which stimulate and encourage children to grow in awareness and develop to their fullest potential.  Students entering St. Peter’s Kindergarten must be 5 years of age on or before August 1 of the upcoming school year.

Children will enjoy a full-day experience that will complement and promote their learning through hands-on experiences with small and whole group activities.  The program is centered on the educational objectives set forth by the Diocese of Toledo which includes language arts/reading, math, science, social studies, health and religion.  The program also includes art, music, physical education and computer classes, all taught by specialists.

Reliable research-based studies report that:

  • Children in full-day programs have higher achievement test scores on all core academics.
  • Full-day programs exhibit more independent learning, classroom involvement, and productivity in work with peers.
  • Full-day kindergarteners are more than twice as likely as half-day kindergarteners to reach grade levels without repeating a grade.
  • Full-day kindergarten students have more time and opportunity to play with language development, explore subjects in depth, and have more interactions with the teacher.
  • Children’s knowledge of early literacy concepts increases during full-day programs with improved students’ reading achievement for the next four years as a result.

For more information, please call elementary school acting principal, Mrs. Ashley Rastorfer, at 419-524-2572.