High School

St. Peter’s High School is a co-educational secondary school serving students in Richland, Crawford, Ashland, Morrow, and Knox Counties.

St. Peter’s High School has long been known for its tradition of academic excellence. Our continuing intent is to have a school that serves the needs of the community and teaches students the importance of goodness, discipline, and learning. St. Peter’s sends graduates into young adulthood with a commitment to the service of Christ, Church, family, community, and world.

Spiritual Growth

St. Peter’s High School assists students as they grow into mature and responsible Christians. The school organizes and implements activities which focus on spiritual values through:

  • Theology classes-the Theology curriculum consists of: freshmen-Bible study; sophomores-prayer/sacraments and church history; juniors-Christian morality and peace/justice; and seniors-relationships, marriage and the family.
  • Worship-every student is invited to praise God within the context of weekly school liturgies planned throughout the school year.
  • Retreats-each class participates in an annual day of retreat designed to strengthen a Christian school-community atmosphere. Seniors attend a four-day/three-night “Kairos” retreat.
  • Eucharistic Minister/Lector Training-high school students may apply to be Eucharistic Ministers or lectors. If accepted, they go through training and minister at school and parish liturgies.
  • Everything we do prioritizes cultivating our most important relationship: our relationship with our Lord.

Four-Year Christian Service Program

The philosophy and mission of St. Peter’s High School challenges its students to give of themselves to others. Service to others allows opportunities to learn by doing and to experience the benefits of assisting those less fortunate. Thus, it is an important part of the learning process in our academic program.

Consequently, successful participation in the school’s Christian Service Program is a requirement of all St. Peter’s students. The program extends through the four years of high school and involves 40 hours of community service per year.


As a predominantly college-prep high school, St. Peter’s has as one of its ultimate goals the pursuit of academic excellence.

*No other school in Richland County has a higher percentage of students who go on to colleges and universities than St. Peter’s High School (95%).

*SAT and ACT test scores place St. Peter’s students above national norms.

*On the average, more than two million dollars in college scholarship and financial aid is awarded to our graduates each year.

In order to meet the challenge of providing an academic environment that is conducive to excellence and to fulfill the mandate to be a comprehensive high school, St. Peter’s offers courses from college level to general studies. St. Peter’s High School makes every attempt to determine and meet the special academic needs and abilities of our students.

To accommodate those special needs and abilities, the schedule offers average curriculum courses, honors and AP courses, post secondary opportunities, IEP plans, and an Auxiliary Service Program. St. Peter’s High School provides an extensive science and math program, a selection of courses in art and the fine arts, dramatic arts, and French, Spanish, and Latin. A detailed list of course selections can be found on our school website in the high school guidance section.


St. Peter’s High School has as its academic foundation a strong core curriculum that will benefit students, regardless of their abilities or aspirations. St. Peter’s requires 27 credits for graduation; this requirement exceeds the state minimum. The core curriculum includes the following and is supplemented by a variety of challenging electives: 4 English, 4 Social Studies, 4 Theology, .5 Physical Education, 4 Math, 1 Computer Applications, 3 Science, .5 Speech, .5 Health, 1 Fine Arts.

Student Activities

The St. Peter’s student body enjoys a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that includes a respected, competitive athletic program for our young women and men. Sports include soccer, tennis, volleyball, golf, swimming, basketball, cross country, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and track.

Students can also take advantage of such student-centered activities such as Student Council, National Honor Society, Band, Peace Jam, Mock Trial, Video Production, Chorus, Key Club, Yearbook, Newspaper, Art Club, Drama, Academic Challenge, Foreign Language Clubs, Plays and Variety Show.

College Credit Plus Program

The Ohio General Assembly created the College Credit Plus Program in 2015. St. Peter’s High School participates in this program.

The program permits high school students to complete college or university course work for high school and college credit. This broadens the range of choices through which qualified students may complete requirements for high school graduation. Some students enrolled in this program complete course work at Ohio State University, Mansfield Campus.

This program provides special challenges to the most able high school students. St. Peter’s High School encourages student participation in this state-funded program.

Block Scheduling

Block scheduling is defined as organizing the daily school schedule into larger blocks of time (more than 60 minutes) to allow flexibility for varied instructional activities.

“In a school that uses block scheduling, time is a resource that permits greater student learning, laboratory work and student-directed interactive activities.” (NASSP bulletin, May 1995)

A fundamental factor of block scheduling is that “time” becomes a factor supporting learning, not a boundary marking its limits.

This approach allows teachers to present varied approaches to their lesson plans and give students more hands-on experience in the classroom. St. Peter’s High School students follow an eight-block schedule, taking four, 87-minute courses per day on alternating days.


Caring, professional educators provide excellent instruction, challenging our students in all academic areas. Our faculty works to find innovative ways to connect learning to life. Nine of the St. Peter’s faculty hold Master degrees and 13 have Bachelor degrees.

School Hours

The school day at St. Peter’s High School begins at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Bus transportation is available in most districts. High school phone: 419-524-2572

Alumni Testimonials

In addition to providing the opportunity to learn in the academic arena, St. Peter’s challenges the emerging young adult to think on what they want their lives to be in the moral, spiritual and ethical sense. This opportunity is unique to parochial education.
–Commander Daniel P. Moloney, United States Navy, currently serving as team doctor for the Navy Seal Team, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Department Head of Primary Care at the Naval Health Clinic, Hawaii; Department Head of Radiology at the Navy Medical Center at Great Lakes, Illinois; radiology resident of the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia; ’99 graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; ’95 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy; ’91 graduate of St. Peter’s High School.

The faculty of St. Peter’s had a profound impact on my life. At no other school have I heard of there being such a close-knit relationship between the students and the teachers as there is at St. Peter’s. They care about the grades you are receiving, but even more important, they care about you. The faculty of St. Peter’s goes out of their way to learn more about you as an individual and support you in the goals you are trying to achieve. They have opened my eyes to the things that are really important in life.
–Heather Mulherin, currently employed as Senior Business Analyst with Adesa, Inc., at their corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana; ’99 graduate of the University of Dayton; ’95 graduate of St. Peter’s High School.

The education at St. Peter’s is a great combination of formal subject matter along with development of spirituality and social interaction skills. After graduation I was able to successfully complete an engineering degree and become involved in my local community and church. The student organizations and service experiences available at St. Peter’s forma complete educational program and are critical to preparation of youth for our communities.
–John Geiger, Past Founder and Director, Catholic Volunteers, Florida. Currently employed by Orange County Florida in the Environmental Protection Division as an environmental engineer; Masters in Environmental Engineering, University of Florida, ’77; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, University of Central Florida, ’74; ’69 graduate of St. Peter’s High School.

Teacher Testimonials

I continue to teach to and with the wonderful students and staff at St. Peter’s High School because teaching at this Catholic, Christian school is not simply a job and a paycheck; it is a ministry.
–Charlie Henrich, Theology Department,

Teaching at St. Peters after going to high school here many years ago, remains an incredibly rewarding experience. I know that I am doing something really important in terms of the faith and value formation of young people who are starving for the opportunity to discover themselves and where they fit into an incredibly complex world. St. Peters continues to produce people who make a positive difference in our world and I am proud to be a very small part of that process.
–Mike Mulherin, Theology Department