Elementary School (Grades 1-6)

St. Peter’s Elementary School consists of grades K-6. The school represents a rich tradition of over 150 years of Catholic education to the greater Mansfield community. It possesses an atmosphere rooted in history, yet changing to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Spiritual Growth

St. Peter’s Elementary School has as its ultimate goal to encourage each child to love and serve God and others, thereby transforming self and society. The school is concerned with instilling in students Christian attitudes and values students can apply to daily life. Numerous activities help students achieve this goal including daily prayer, religion classes, weekly liturgies, classroom visits by parish priests and guest speakers, “Virtues in Practice” program, involvement in service projects in the community, Regina’s Kids Service Program and participation in several collections for local and foreign missions.

As part of the “Virtues in Practice” program, each month a new character-building virtue is announced and each week a suggested activity is given to promote that month’s virtue. Students are encouraged to put these suggestions into practice and teachers select “Students of the Month” based on the demonstration of these virtues.


A challenging curriculum sets high standards for student achievement and contributes to academic success. The prevailing expectations of faculty, parents, and students are that:

  • learning is valuable and exciting,
  • all students will complete work, and
  • all students will find success at their level of learning.

The student body represents a range of ability levels, with programs in place to meet the needs of students at both ends of the spectrum. St. Peter’s has traditional classrooms at every grade level as well as an additional “blended” fifth/sixth grade classroom. The blended room allows students to work more at their own pace, more independently.

Academically talented students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge by studying at a more advanced level. Teachers at all grade levels design differentiated lessons to meet the needs of advanced students within the regular classroom setting. After school, a number of programs are offered to all students in various subject areas such as, technology, drama, art, math, etc.

For those students who are experiencing difficulty with academics or other areas, there is an Auxiliary Services Program staff which consists of tutors, speech pathologist, and school psychologist to assist. The school also employs OT/PT staff.

St. Peter’s Elementary also has many specialty areas: music (general, choral, band), physical education, art, Spanish and computer. The computer lab rivals any state-of-the-art lab in the county with networked chrome stations, projection equipment, current multimedia software, interactive boards in classrooms, and 1:1 iPads. In addition, an art center occupies the entire fourth floor of the building.

For grades 3-6, an internet program called Alma Parent Access is available which allows parents access to classroom information using the internet. With Alma Parent Access, parents are able to view homework assignments and messages from their child’s teachers as well as monitor the academic progress of their child throughout each quarter. Alma Parent Access allows parents the opportunity to check progress more frequently, to be sure that assignments are being turned in, and to receive up-to-date information from teachers. Teachers in K-6 use Google Classroom to develop online tests and quizzes, share files or documents with each other, help create student web pages, provide assignment links, do online journaling, and post online text assignments.

Student Activities

Getting involved in any extracurricular activity will only make a child’s school years more memorable. Extracurricular offerings include a range of athletic and non-athletic activities.


A major factor contributing to the school’s success is the stable, experienced faculty. They are well prepared, not only by their degrees and certification, but also by a planned program of continuing education. The faculty’s strength lies in their awareness of the school’s mission and the giving of themselves to accomplish the educational goals.

School Hours

The school day at St. Peter’s Elementary School begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. Bus transportation is available. Elementary school phone: 419-524-2572 x4100.