Our Programs

Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten

As your child approaches preschool, you are faced with many different choices for his/her education. St. Peter’s Montessori is one of many options. The Montessori method is a unique philosophy for educating young children. Unlike other programs, St. Peter’s Montessori focuses on individual activities for a specific purpose with concrete results.


The early years in a child’s life are very significant. St. Peter’s Kindergarten provides developmental programs which stimulate and encourage children to grow in awareness and develop to their fullest potential.

Elementary School

St. Peter’s Elementary School consists of grades 1-6. The school represents a rich tradition of over 151 years of Catholic education to the greater Mansfield community. It possesses an atmosphere rooted in history, yet changing to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Junior High

Emphasis is placed on the development of a positive self-image, a sense of responsibility for learning and behavior, attitudes and skills leading to life-long learning and interests, interpersonal skills and attitudes in relation to social interaction, and the ability to make responsible choices and decisions.

High School

St. Peter’s High School has long been known for its tradition of academic excellence. Our continuing intent is to have a school that serves the needs of the community and teaches students the importance of goodness, discipline, and learning. St. Peter’s sends graduates into young adulthood with a commitment to the service of Christ, Church, family, community, and world.