Our Graduates

We are proud of our students at St. Peter’s Catholic School and, especially, of our graduates! With exceptionally high college attendance rates, many hours of community service by each student during their high school years, a large amount awarded in scholarships and grants, graduates having earned many college credit hours while in high school, a 65% participation rate in high school sports, more than 50% earning honor roll status, and involvement in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, we are confident that we are graduating our seniors according to the mission of Catholic schools: “Catholic schools, believing each student is a child of God, challenge each to achieve academic excellence, to embrace the gospel message and to make a difference in the world.” (*Average of last five years)

Available Senior Honors Assembly photos, records and college plans for the SPHS graduates are listed below.

SPHS Class of 2017
Class of 2016 to be posted soon
SPHS Class of 2015
SPHS Class of 2014
SPHS Class of 2013
SPHS Class of 2012
SPHS Class of 2011
SPHS Class of 2010
SPHS Class of 2009
SPHS Class of 2008
SPHS Class of 2007
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SPHS Class of 2005
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SPHS Class of 2001
SPHS Class of 2000