Principals’ Greeting

As you use this website to investigate Mansfield St. Peter’s Parish, you will discover that among many programs and services offered, an excellent Catholic School system exists. As principals, we are forever grateful to the good people of St. Peter’s Parish who subsidize our pre-school and kindergarten through 12th grade programs. Please take the time to look at our Schools pages. You’ll like what you see.

The entire St. Peter’s School system (PreK-12) has earned national recognition as Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. Caring and dedicated teachers have prepared St. Peter’s students for the world so successfully that our students consistently earn among the highest Ohio Graduation Test scores in the area. To what do we owe this success? In the same way that St. Peter’s Parish actively lives its mission to provide for our schools, St. Peter’s Schools embody their mission to encourage excellence in every venue.

The crux of our mission is our faith. We know that God equips us with gifts, talents, and skills that make us not only good learners but also good people. Our mission calls us to give our absolute best to every effort whether we are learning in a classroom, competing on a playing field, interacting in a social setting, or praying in church. The members of our school communities know this mission well. We strive to live it and to encourage those around us to live it. Please check out our Schools pages and you’ll see what we mean!


Michael Wasiniak, Principal, St. Peter’s High School/Junior High
Madalyn Bauer, Principal, St. Peter’s Montessori Preschool/Elementary