Library ES

Meet the Elementary School Librarian

Mrs. Lisa Salyers

As an avid reader and lover of literature, I am thrilled to be the librarian for St. Peter’s Elementary. The elementary library program supports children’s independent reading and research as well as their classroom activities. As students progress through the elementary school, they will develop increasingly sophisticated approaches to research in a variety of media, both in the library and online. Elementary students visit the library weekly for read-aloud, library skills instruction, research projects, and book selection. In addition, teachers can schedule class visits or request the librarian to assist in their classrooms in conjunction with research and reading projects. Also, by subscribing to several blogs and websites, I discover innovative educational and informational websites to complement classroom curriculum and share these resources with the teachers and staff.

A Message from the Librarian….

I loved reading at an early age. Some of my best memories are racing up the driveway after the kindergarten bus dropped me off to have a snack and a story with my mom. Years later I discovered her intention in reading to me was to get me sleepy so I would take a nap, but it backfired because I always demanded more and sometimes “story time” would last a couple of hours! Over the years she introduced me to a great variety of literature, my favorites being Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and our shared favorite, the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. Required readings in high school did continue my love of the classics; I do remember enjoyingTess of the d’Urbervilles immensely and will freely admit Pride and Prejudice became my favorite book decades before Keira Knightley made it fashionable to read. Nowadays, I like to read teen lit and I am always a sucker for a new picture book!

I have always gravitated to libraries and helped out in my own elementary, middle and high school libraries. Of course, as I shelved, I just couldn’t resist peeking into a book or two (or three or four!). I have always loved the ability of books to take me places just by a turn of the page and often I will lose myself in a book for hours. Once I start a book, it’s very hard for me to put it down and it’s that love of reading that I want to share with the students of St. Peter’s Elementary. I firmly believe that any student can find a book that he/she likes to read. My goal is for our library to have something to appeal to every student in our school.


“Every reader his or her book.
Every book its reader.”
S.R. Ranganathan

History of St. Peter’s Elementary Library

The elementary school library dates back to the opening of the new high school/convent building in 1958. Previous to that time, each classroom had its own collection of books. When more space became available with the new building in 1958 and federal grants were offered to school libraries, the elementary library came into being. Several of the Sisters spent a summer or two organizing the books on the fifth floor of the elementary school.

Due to a lack of classroom space, the eastern half of the fifth floor library became a fifth grade homeroom in 2000. When the junior high students moved to their new facility in 2002 on the third floor of the high school/parish center building, the library moved into room 201 next to the computer lab. During the summer of 2002, the library was automated and now features electronic checkout and an electronic card catalog.

In 2004, a lovely mural was added to the library.
It covers the north wall above the bookcases and depicts the story of St. Francis of Assisi and the Wolf of Gubbio. 

In 2009, the elementary library was dedicated to Sister Paula on her 84th birthday for her endless hours of devotion and service to St. Peter’s children and renamed the “Sister Paula Bingert OSF Library.” A plaque commemorating this event hangs outside the library door.