Robert Frye Gymnasium

Robert Frye Gymnasium was the home to the Spartan Boys and Girls basketball programs since their inception until 1998.

When the high school was built in 1958, planners designed a combination gymnasium and auditorium. The auditorium seats just over 650 and has some unique features including theatrical lighting. On the north wall of the gym was a very unique “balcony” level that was the student section. Known for many years as the Rumble Section, students had a unique view of cheering on their teams from above.

This gym was the home floor for the 1968 & 1978 Boys Championship teams and the 1980 Girls Championship team.

When the Franciscan Activities Center opened in 1999, varsity sports moved across the street to the new facility. The Robert Frye Gymnasium is still used for Junior High sports and practices. To meet expanded needs for the music department, a new wall was added over the former student section.