St. Peter’s School

Kroger Community Rewards Program Process (For Academic Year: 2018– 2019)

The Kroger Community Rewards Program remains a good way to offset tuition costs at St. Peter’s. Due to privacy concerns, however, Kroger has discontinued providing St. Peter’s with specific donations earned by each cardholder. Although we continue to receive a quarterly donation from Kroger, we need your help to properly credit your account for earned donations.

To Be Done at the Beginning of Each Kroger Program Year:

  • The Kroger Program year is May 1 through April 30.
  • You must enroll each year beginning April 1 to maximize your donation. Note: you can sign up any time!
  • To Sign up and Designate Kroger Community Rewards to St. Peter’s:
  1. Navigate to the Kroger website:
  2. Click on the Sign In button on the top right (or register if not done previously).
  3. Once signed in, click on the My Account button.
  4. Next, click on the Account Settings button.
  5. Next, click on the Account Summary button.
  6. Find the “Community Rewards” box at the bottom of the web page: click EDIT.
  7. Select St. Peter’s Parish and School – number 81244 and SAVE your choice.
  • St. Peter’s Parish & School will appear at the bottom of your Kroger receipt thereafter.

To Be Done Each Quarter:

  • You must print and send your Kroger Community Rewards Donation Summary (see attached example) to St. Peter’s each quarter to receive credit (again, Kroger no longer sends this information to us!) A Donation Summary must be sent for each individual who has designated his or her Kroger donation to your tuition costs.
  • To obtain your Kroger Community Rewards donation:
  1. Navigate to the Kroger website: and Sign In.
  2. Obtain your Kroger Community Rewards donation amount by clicking on the My Account button, then Account Settings button, then the Account Summary.
  3. PRINT THIS PAGE (example on reverse side of this form) and send to Paula Nestor in the Tuition Office using the following schedule.
  • Qtr 1 – PRINT between 9/1/17 and 10/31/17
  • Qtr 2 – PRINT between 12/1/17 and 1/31/18
  • Qtr 3 – PRINT between 3/1/18 and 4/30/18
  • Qtr 4 – PRINT between 6/1/18 and 7/31/18


You are responsible for printing your donation summary for yourself and any others who have designated their Kroger donation to your tuition. This information must be delivered to the Tuition Office for your account to be credited. You may drop off the information at the Parish Center, any school office, submit by mail, or by email: [email protected]



Gift Card – Gift Certificate – Community Rewards Program
Parents and parishioners can earn significant funds to offset tuition through use of the Gift Card, Gift Certificate, and Kroger Community Rewards Programs at St. Peter’s. You may have questions on how to purchase and use gift cards / certificates, or how to access the Community Rewards Program. Hopefully this FAQ will answer many of your questions. If not, please call the Parish Center at 419-524-2572 to be connected to the person who can help you with unanswered questions you may have.

What Gift Card – Gift Certificate Programs do we have at St. Peter’s?
Presently, we have these programs through St. Peter’s Scrip, and Mansfield Christian School Scrip program.

What Rewards Programs do we have at St. Peter’s?
The Kroger Community Rewards Program

Can you explain the Mansfield Christian School (“MCS”) Scrip Program?
Mansfield Christian School has agreed to allow St. Peter’s School parents, teachers and parishioners access to their much larger gift card/certificate program. You must place your orders through Mansfield Christian School’s Scrip Office located at the back of the school building. MCS offers scrip for hundreds of businesses – local and nationwide – providing the user the opportunity to purchase gift cards/certificates for everyday items like food, clothing, gas, and other essentials. The percentage of tuition credit earned varies with each business. MCS reduces the percentages listed on the form by 30% to cover their costs. A quarterly report, along with a check for the tuition credits or donations, is sent to St. Peter’s. The amounts are applied to the following school year.

Can I continue using the gift cards/certificates for tuition credit for my son/daughter attending college?
Yes. You must set up a new Scrip “college tuition credit” account personally at Mansfield Christian School in their Scrip Program office. You provide them with the name of your son or daughter and the name of the college he/she is attending. Dollar credit earned by purchasing gift cards/certificates through the MCS Scrip Program can be used for college tuition or college-related expenses and can be sent to your son’s/daughter’s college several times during the same year in which it is earned, at your request to the MCS Scrip office.

When purchasing Scrip gift cards/certificates for a “college tuition credit” account, do I need to visit the MCS Scrip office?
Yes. You can obtain a vendor list here at St. Peter’s (or at MCS) but any orders must be taken to the MCS office. They will fill the order immediately.

How does the ***Kroger Community Rewards Program*** Work?
Families can earn rewards and designate them towards St. Peter’s School by using their Kroger Plus card each time you shop at Kroger. “Rewards” refers to the dollars earned as a result of your purchases at Kroger. These are dollars that Kroger donates as part of its charitable mission. St. Peter’s School receives a check from Kroger quarterly. You may designate your Kroger Community Rewards dollars to help pay for a student tuition balance. You must indicate that you would like your Kroger Community Rewards dollars to be used for a tuition account by completing a St. Peter’s School Designation Form, which is available on the school website and in the Parish Office. Important: the Designation Form is from St. Peter’s School and not Kroger.

How do I sign up for the Kroger Community Rewards program?
You must first obtain a Kroger card from a Kroger store. You do not need to get another Kroger card if you already have one. Next, register you Kroger Plus Card online at Registration online will provide you access to many other Kroger benefits. You must have an email address to be able to register the Kroger Plus Card. Families can earn rewards on most everything, every time they shop! There are specific purchases, however, that are not available for rewards: alcohol, tobacco, government-assisted pharmacy expenses, postage stamps, Kroger gift cards, Green Dot Prepaid Cards, gift certificates, bottle deposits, lottery tickets, promotional tickets, fuel, fuel center purchases, office services and Sales Tax. Eligible pharmacy purchases include “out-of-pocket” co-pays for non-government-assisted pharmacy programs.

Do I lose points from my Kroger Plus Card by designating to St. Peter’s?
No. The Kroger Community Rewards program is separate. The points you gain by shopping at Kroger are not affected by designating to St. Peter’s. The Kroger Company has set aside $5 million dollars for the Kroger Community Reward Program.

Ok, I have my Kroger Plus Card – how do I register it online and select St. Peter’s?

  • Navigate to the Kroger website:
  • Click on the Sign In button on the top right (or register if not done previously)
  • On signed in, click on the My Account button
  • Next, click on the Account Settings button
  • Next, click on the Account Summary button
  • Find ST. PETER’S PARISH & SCHOOL using our organization number: 81244 in the “FIND YOUR ORGANIZATION” section
  • Click the bubble in the SELECT YOUR ORGANIZATION section that says: ST. PETER’S PARISH & SCHOOL / PAULA NESTOR, 104 W. FIRST ST., MANSFIELD, OH 81244
  • As the last step, make sure you click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the screen.

What if I do not have access to a computer?
Talk to a friend or come by the high school library and we can help! The librarian is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and on Thursday from Noon to 3:00 p.m.

What if I do not have or use email?
You can set up a free email account using “Yahoo” or other free email service. If you are uncertain how to set up an email account, talk to a friend or come by the tuition manager’s office on the 4th floor of the high school building.

When are my Rewards applied to my tuition?
Rewards from the Kroger Community Rewards Program will be applied to the following year’s tuition balance.

How can I find out my Kroger Community Reward balance?
Follow the procedure above to access your personal Kroger account through the Kroger website. The amount donate by Kroger to St. Peter’s School is listed for the previous Kroger quarter.

Do I need to report these Kroger donated dollars to St. Peter’s?
Yes. For privacy reasons, St. Peter’s does not receive detail showing donations by individuals. Please print your Kroger donation information and send it to the Tuition Office according to the following schedule:

  • Quarter 1 – PRINT between 9/1 and 10/31
  • Quarter 2 – PRINT between 12/1 and 1/31
  • Quarter 3 – PRINT between 3/1 and 4/30
  • Quarter 4 – PRINT between 6/1 and 7/31

Do I need to send in the Kroger donation information for other people who have designated their Kroger Rewards for my family tuition?
Yes. You are responsible for submitting the Kroger Rewards donation information for all individuals who have designated their Kroger donations toward your tuition. Credit to your account cannot be recorded otherwise.

Where do I send this Kroger donation information?
You may drop off the information at the Parish Center, any school office, submit by mail, or by email to the Tuition Office at: [email protected]

I have already registered my Kroger Plus Card with the St. Peter’s Community Rewards Program – do I
have to do this again? Yes. Beginning each new program year – May 1 – Kroger requires re-registration by all individuals and families. You can begin to re-enroll April 1.

How do I know if I was successful at registering or re-registering?
You should see the “ST. PETER’S PARISH & SCHOOL” name each time you go to “My Account” on the website and sign in. Another great way to check is to look at the bottom of your Kroger receipt the next time you shop. The following phrase “At your request, Kroger is donating to ST. PETER’S PARISH & SCHOOL” should print at the very bottom of the receipt.

Can my Kroger Gift Cards still be used for tuition credit?
No. The Kroger Community Rewards Program uses the Kroger Plus Card to track rewards. Your Kroger Gift Cards may still be used for regular purchases at Kroger’s – see the Kroger customer service personnel to check your balance.

If I want to continue using my Kroger Plus Card to reduce tuition costs but my children have all graduated, can I designate a family at St. Peter’s School to receive my Rewards, or can I designate that the Rewards go to the Annual Tuition Drive so it helps a family in need of assistance?
Yes. Obtain a St. Peter’s Designation Form from the High School Office, the Parish Office or from the website. Mark your designation preference and return to the Parish or High School Office when complete.

I have more questions. How do I get help?
1. On-line help: visit St. Peter’s Website and go to the “Kroger/Scrip” menu under School General Information.

2. Stop by the Tuition Manager’s office on the 4th floor of the high school building or call 419-524-2572 and ask for the Tuition Manager.

When is the tuition credit dollar amount applied to my tuition account or my designee’s tuition account?
With the exception of the “college tuition credit” program through Mansfield Christian School Scrip office, all tuition credit earned through the Kroger and MCS Scrip Programs during the current school year is applied to the tuition account the following school year.

What if I really don’t need tuition credit?
You can still make use of the Community Rewards and gift card/certificate programs and donate your dollar credit to the Annual Fund Drive to help other families with financial need!

I have a very young child who is not yet of school age – can I use the Community Rewards and gift
card/certificate programs now to begin accumulating tuition credit for St. Peter’s School?
Yes. Simply open your account here at St. Peter’s (with the Tuition Manager) and begin accumulating tuition credit toward the time when you’re your child first enrolls at St. Peter’s School.