St. Peter’s School

Kroger Community Rewards Program Process (For Academic Year: 2018– 2019)

The Kroger Community Rewards Program remains a good way to offset tuition costs at St. Peter’s. Due to privacy concerns, however, Kroger has discontinued providing St. Peter’s with specific donations earned by each cardholder. Although we continue to receive a quarterly donation from Kroger, we need your help to properly credit your account for earned donations.

To Be Done at the Beginning of Each Kroger Program Year:

  • The Kroger Program year is May 1 through April 30.
  • You must enroll each year beginning April 1 to maximize your donation. Note: you can sign up any time!
  • To Sign up and Designate Kroger Community Rewards to St. Peter’s:
  1. Navigate to the Kroger website:
  2. Click on the Sign In button on the top right (or register if not done previously).
  3. Once signed in, click on the My Account button.
  4. Next, click on the Account Settings button.
  5. Next, click on the Account Summary button.
  6. Find the “Community Rewards” box at the bottom of the web page: click EDIT.
  7. Select St. Peter’s Parish and School – number 81244 and SAVE your choice.
  • St. Peter’s Parish & School will appear at the bottom of your Kroger receipt thereafter.

To Be Done Each Quarter:

  • You must print and send your Kroger Community Rewards Donation Summary (see attached example) to St. Peter’s each quarter to receive credit (again, Kroger no longer sends this information to us!) A Donation Summary must be sent for each individual who has designated his or her Kroger donation to your tuition costs.
  • To obtain your Kroger Community Rewards donation:
  1. Navigate to the Kroger website: and Sign In.
  2. Obtain your Kroger Community Rewards donation amount by clicking on the My Account button, then Account Settings button, then the Account Summary.
  3. PRINT THIS PAGE (example on reverse side of this form) and send to Paula Nestor in the Tuition Office using the following schedule.
  • Qtr 1 – PRINT between 9/1/17 and 10/31/17
  • Qtr 2 – PRINT between 12/1/17 and 1/31/18
  • Qtr 3 – PRINT between 3/1/18 and 4/30/18
  • Qtr 4 – PRINT between 6/1/18 and 7/31/18


You are responsible for printing your donation summary for yourself and any others who have designated their Kroger donation to your tuition. This information must be delivered to the Tuition Office for your account to be credited. You may drop off the information at the Parish Center, any school office, submit by mail, or by email: [email protected]

St. Peter’s SCRIP Program

St. Peter’s offers the online only program that allows parents to purchase the digital gift cards (ScripNow) and reload gift cards through our SCRIP portal. The benefit to this program is you will receive the full rebate percentage on your tuition account. The amounts are applied to the following school year.
By participating in the St. Peter’s Scrip Program you can earn credits toward your tuition account by simply purchasing gift cards. These purchases can be made for a variety of reasons to a variety of places. This includes, grocery stores, department stores, several fast food and dine-in restaurants, clothing stores, hotel chains and much, much more.
We do offer the opportunity to purchase physical gift cards before Christmas. So watch for new on that!
Learn More: – Enrollment Code: 5358247655L85
ScripNow! Retailer List (PDF) | ReloadNow Retailer List (PDF)

What if I really don’t need tuition credit?
You can still make use of the Community Rewards and gift card/certificate programs and donate your dollar credit to the Annual Fund Drive to help other families with financial need!

I have a very young child who is not yet of school age – can I use the Community Rewards and gift card/certificate programs now to begin accumulating tuition credit for St. Peter’s School?
Yes. Simply open your account here at St. Peter’s (with the Tuition Manager) and begin accumulating tuition credit toward the time when you’re your child first enrolls at St. Peter’s School.