Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

In our continued effort to keep our students safe while they are on campus, a St. Peter’s Committee will be working in tandem with the school principals to ensure that parents are following the arrival/dismissal procedures as outlined in the school handbook.

Please review the procedure outlined below to make sure you are familiar with the pattern in use for your school.

If you have questions, please contact the elementary school office at 419-524-2572 x4100.

Elementary School & Junior High School Morning Drop-Off

Cars that are staying in the car line (not using a parking space), proceed through lot to the area designated for handicap access to the church (on the north side of the lot)

  • If your child requires your help with backpacks, projects, etc., pull into a parking space to unload.
  • Elementary students should walk to the sidewalk, proceed down the steps, then walk south on the Mulberry Street sidewalk, and wait behind the yellow line until the crossing guard can cross them.
  • The elementary school lot opens at 7:35 am for any parents wishing to drop off their child(ren) directly in front of the school.

Cars that are going to park in marked spaces should enter the parking lot and proceed to a marked parking space.

  • Elementary students should walk to the sidewalk, proceed down the steps, then walk south on the Mulberry Street sidewalk, and wait behind the yellow line until the crossing guard can cross them.

Optional Elementary School Drop Off – AM ONLY

At 7:35 a.m., the elementary parents, grades K-6, will have the opportunity to pull into the alley and enter the school parking lot, dropping off their child/children in front of the main door. Please have your child walk in front of the car for safety reasons.


Note: 2-Hour Delays & Funerals

On very rare occasions, a 2-hour delay may cause drop-off to happen at the same time of a funeral procession into St. Peter’s Church. Out of respect to the family of the deceased, the church lot will be unavailable for drop-off. Parents will be directed to the elementary lot or the Franciscan Activity Center lot. We will have extra staff on hand to assist with children crossing West First Street. The school will send out communication via our Spartan Alert messaging system.

Elementary School and Junior High School Afternoon Pick-Up

Cars that are staying in the car line (not using a parking space), stay as far as possible to the right-hand side of the lot, allowing a second lane of cars to pass through to your left. Do not block the entrance from Championship Drive to the parking lot.

  • Pull up close behind the car ahead of you.
  • Continue to pull forward to the end of the parking lot, where you may stop to load your child(ren) into your car.
  • Loading only occurs in the first three cars (unless a staff member indicates differently)
  • Students must stay on the sidewalk until your car has come to a complete stop.
  • Exit the lot by merging with the other lane of cars, turn right onto Championship Drive to exit campus.

Cars that are going to park in marked spaces SHOULD NOT ENTER THE MOVING PICKUP LINE. You should enter the parking lot to the left of the car cine and pull into an available parking space

  • Cross to the sidewalk adjacent to the church to pick up your child in front of the church ramp and escort your child(ren) to your car. Children should not leave the sidewalk without an adult escort.
  • Students will not be released to waiting parents at the steps coming up from Mulberry Street. No running!
  • Exit by merging with cars exiting car line (at the end of the pickup line), turn right onto Championship Drive to exit campus.

Montessori/Preschool Drop-Off/Pick-Up

  • A staff member will receive children at the car. Please do not let your child out of the car until a staff member is there. The school will not be responsible if this procedure is not followed.
  • Cars should enter south of the Annex building from Mulberry Street and proceed around the driveway to the designated pickup point. Cars should exit only to the right on West First Street.
  • If your child is arriving and/or departing on a bus, give the teacher the bus number and the approximate time that it will be at the school.
  • If your child arrives at or leaves from school at times other than the scheduled sessions, you may temporarily park near the assigned entrance. Upon arriving, bring your child into the building. For special departures, come into the building to receive your child. In both instances, inform a staff member of the child’s arrival or departure.
  • Children will be released only to persons who have been authorized by the parents. Notify the Montessori staff in writing of any changes.
  • For your child’s security and the continuity of the cycle of activity, please be punctual.

Traffic Policy for Franciscan Activity Center

The following is our procedure for entering and exiting the Franciscan Activity Center parking lot at all times. After studying the traffic flow, we have determined that there are fewer potential problems if all vehicles ENTER the lot from Distl Avenue and exit onto Crouse Street. Those who exit onto Crouse Street may only turn right. This is to prevent added congestion at the intersection of Crouse, First Street, and Championship Drive. Only students who park below the hill may exit on the Distl Avenue side and they may only use the back exit, behind the Franciscan Activity Center, and turn left onto Distl. If all our student and parent drivers follow the same procedure, we should have far fewer problems with congestion and possible accidents. Signs have been placed at both ends of the lot to help remind all of the proper traffic flow.

Also note, please, that the crosswalk directly in front of the Parish Center is NOT to be used during the busy arrival and dismissal times. It is much safer to walk the extra steps to the next crosswalk at the other front corner of the high school building. There is so much traffic and congestion as vehicles stop, pass, create extra lanes, and turn into the church parking lot that we have had several near misses as students (mostly elementary students) try to cross Championship Drive on foot and use the “forbidden” crosswalk. Please smile sweetly at the teacher who asks you to use the other crosswalk. It’s all about the safety of our students. The Parish Center crosswalk may be used at other times of day. It is only off limits during arrival and dismissal.

Please remember, too, that many of our student drivers are inexperienced. It would be very helpful if parents would role model safe driving habits by putting down the cell phones while cruising through our busy lots and streets at both arrival and dismissal times. Please continue to follow the morning drop-off procedure that has always been in place.