Junior High Science Lab

Mrs. Smith’s junior high science students were busy yesterday using the microscopes for a lab project, familiarizing themselves with the proper use of the microscopes and completing an assignment doing so.

Welcome to Another Year in Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten

A new Montessori year has begun and we are happy to welcome back our returning families and meet our new students. Since children can attend our Montessori for up to four years, the relationship between our teachers, families and students grows deeper and more invested.  The nurturing and education of our children becomes a wonderful team effort.

We demonstrate our “works” with attention to ‘mindful focus’ and intrinsic pride in doing our best. “Perfect” is not necessary . . . “your best” is.  We are given the room for trial and error, but encouraged to never stop trying.

(Thank you to Mrs. Beres for these photos.)

Honoring Those Fallen on 9/11

Students and staff in the elementary school assembled on the elementary school parking lot at 10:00 a.m. Monday to pray and sing the National Anthem in honor of those who died on 9/11. Keeping in mind the age levels of all students, Mrs. Bauer generally explained the impact of 9/11 and the loss of life that day. Thank you to Mrs. Molnar’s second grade class for creating the banner and to Miss Keller’s first and second grade class who held the banner during the prayer and song. (Thank you to Mr. Zellner for some of the photography.)


Cafeteria Smiles

Why so many great smiles?  It’s lunch time for the high school and junior high students and, in addition to socializing, they enjoy the great lunches prepared by St. Peter’s School cafeteria staff.  Thank you to Mrs. Schuck and the ladies who prepare lunch and to the many volunteers who assist to serve and clean up.  We are so fortunate that students and staff are provided options of food items that are not available in many school lunch programs. New business manager, Evan Mumea, is one of the volunteer food servers and he thought no better way to get a feel for the operations of the cafeteria than to be hands on.