Fundraising at St. Peter's School

For our parish & school to be successful, all organizations must work together to coordinate fundraising activities, so groups do not step on the efforts of another group.  Our parishioners, parents, and businesses, while very generous to St. Peter’s, have a finite giving capacity, and we do not want to put a strain on our donor base.

Starting July 1, 2016, all fundraising activities need to be scheduled through the Development Office.  This includes events on and off our campus that intend to support the mission of St. Peter’s Parish & School.

Priority will be given to fundraisers first based on the criteria below.  Only events scheduled through the Development Office will receive permission to promote their event via parish & school communication channels or on campus.

Please use the following form to submit fundraising event requests.


Parish Major Fundraisers:

These events are annual or extraordinary appeals to the entire parish and school community.  These types of events may include blackout periods associated with them, and no other fundraisers will be permitted during that time.

Examples include Annual Tuition Drive, Annual Auction, Easter Bake Sale, Garage Sale, Christmas Classic.

Major Fundraisers:

These events are annual or special events that raise significant funds to support their group.  These events on average will make more than $2,000.

Examples include Golf Outings, Reverse Raffles, Monte Carlo Nights.

Minor Fundraisers:

Minor fundraisers should not raise large amounts of funds usually under the $2,000.  These events will not be held on the same weekends as major events unless they are in conjunction with the event.

Examples include: Minor raffles, dinners, class fundraisers, individual group fundraisers.


General Policies

  1. Parish Major Fundraisers & Major Fundraisers take precedence over all fundraising activities. During these events, other groups will not hold fundraising activities.  Major fundraisers may also need the approval of the Parish Finance Council.
  2. Once approved, all fundraisers will be listed in the Development section of the All-Events Calendar. This will help other groups determine if a date has been taken.
  3. Only fundraisers approved by the Development Office will be able to promote their event in a parish or school communication. (i.e. Bulletin, School Emails, Website, Parish & School social channels.)
  4. In most cases, only one group will be able to raise funds on the same date. The Development Office will review competing requests on a case-by-case basis.

ON-CAMPUS Fundraising and Promotion

  1. Fundraisers may be held after Masses in the Franciscan Activity Center, Cafeteria or Church Basement. However, representatives of the activity are not allowed to solicit invitations from the Church vestibule, on the steps or at exit/entryways before, during, or after Masses.  Signs and/or announcements approved by the Parish Liturgy Director may be used to publicize events once approval is obtained from the Development Office.
  2. Fundraisers may be held during the start or the end of the school day with the permission of the Principal(s) in each of the school buildings. No school day fundraising will be approved without the principal’s approval.
  3. Groups, organizations, clubs or individuals wishing to host a fundraiser on-campus need to submit a Fundraising Request Form to the Development Office at least 30 days in advance of the event.

OFF-CAMPUS Fundraising & Promotion

Fundraisers that are held off-campus still need to be submitted to the Development Office and approved before any promotion can be made through a parish or school communication channel.

Corporate Solicitation Policy

The goal of the Development Office is to increase the overall amount of Corporate & Business Gifts to St. Peter’s, through outright gifts or sponsorships of one of our programs.

At the start of the school year, the Development Office will release a “Corporate Donor List”.  These donors should not be contacted for sponsorship opportunities.   These donors will have made at least a $2,500 investment in St. Peter’s Schools or Parish programs.

If your major fundraising event includes sponsorship opportunities, please work with the Development Office to have your fundraising opportunities included with our annual sponsorship programs.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Crundwell for additional details.