Renovation of the Auditorium & Bob Frye Gymnasium

When St. Peter’s High School opened in 1958, the auditorium/gymnasium was the centerpiece of the new school and has witnessed six decades of athletic events, theater and music programs, Liturgy, student activities and Commencement Ceremonies.

However, the time has come to make a major reinvestment in this centerpiece. The seating has stood up long beyond its life-expectancy and fails at an alarming rate. A section of upper seats was pillaged to provide usable parts in the lower rows.

In late 2017, a drain in the auditorium roof leaked, causing plaster to break and fall onto the first few rows of seats, making those seats unusable.

As the Final Phase of the Preserving Our Past, Securing Our Future Capital Campaign, it is our commitment to renovate the auditorium and gym to be the centerpiece of our school community.

To accomplish this task, the planning committee has broken the work into three stages — with the goal of addressing the most critical needs first.

However, as with the rest of this Capital Campaign, the necessary funds must be “in the bank” before the Diocese of Toledo will allow St. Peter’s to execute contracts.

Generations of students made many memories inside the walls of this auditorium and gym. We owe it to the next generation of students to give them a facility in which they can build memories of their own.

As of July 1, we are still $63,000 short of our Stage 1 Goal.

Our Needs

Projected Cost – $350,000

  • Demolition of seating
  • Scaffolding
  • Plaster repairs
  • Painting (Ceiling & Walls)
  • New flooring
  • New seating
  • Upgraded fire alarms/emergency lighting
  • New house lighting

Projected Cost – $170,000

  • New air conditioning system
  • Repair/replace gym skylight system
  • Relocate control booth
  • Install new electrical system for theatrical lights

Projected Cost: $300,000

  • New curtains (Back curtains only)
  • New stage lighting
  • New sound system & controls
  • New projector, screen and control system

Projected Cost: $80,000

  • Replace Gym Floor

Memorial Legacy Seat Project

Help make this project a reality!

To help us achieve our goal and finish the auditorium/gym, we need to raise additional capital to complete work in 2020 and beyond.

This is why we are offering the chance for alumni, parishioners, parents and friends to purchase a “Memorial Seat” as a memorial to a family member, or in honor of their family as a contribution to this project. Donors will have their name included on the rear of the seat and be able to choose their seat on a first come first served basis.

The seating chart below will be updated as gifts are received. We will do our best to accommodate every request. Of note, the current first and last rows in the auditorium are being removed for ADA accessibility.

In addition, all of our Capital Campaign donors will be recognized in our Campaign as critical partners in this project’s success.

Corporate Donor


Individual / Family Donor


Other Gift Opportunities

Gifts of any amount can make a big difference!

In addition to the Memorial Seat Project, other major gift opportunities exist. Donors can help underwrite the cost of a sound system, lighting systems, curtains, AV equipment. The Development Office will be happy to discuss those opportunities.

As we saw in the first two phases of the campaign, small gifts do make a big difference! $20, $50 & $100 individual gifts do add up and make just as much impact as a $50,000 gift.

Every dollar and every individual gift will help us reach our goal and allow us to continue our mission of Catholic education.

Make Your Gift

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Class Seats Pools

Progress to $500 Goal

1945 – $1,150
1948 – $100
1949 – $10
1950 – $120
1951 – $25
1955 – $200
1956 – $100
1957 – $75
1958 – $100
1959 – $50
1960 – $225
1962 – $100
1964 – $125
1965 – $100
1966 – $160
1967 – $25
1968 – $110
1969 – $875
1970 – $250
1971 – $2130
1972 – $100
1973 – $3005
1974 – $207.50
1976 – $100
1979 – $600
1985 – $325
1988 – $100
1989 – $50
1993 – $400
1995 – $100
1998 – $500
2004 – $150
2006 – $150

Auditorium Seating Chart & Availability