We view Catholic schools as the complete package. The schools provide an excellent academic experience, but more importantly, the foundation on which they are based is a living faith in Jesus Christ. Our children’s entire beings, their minds, emotions, and souls, are nourished by Catholic schools. Paying for a Catholic education is not cheap. But if you believe that your children are your most important asset, and we certainly do, the money you spend on a Catholic education is the best investment you’ll ever make.
Jim Phinney and Ginny Corso, Parents of Eli ’06, Micah ’12, Isaiah ’15

I am grateful for the chance to send my children to St. Peter’s through the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. Without this program, my children would not have access to such a wonderfully nurturing, educational community. The faculty and staff are genuinely committed to the well-being of each student which makes St. Peter’s a great place to build a solid foundation for success. I hope to see this program grow so many more families can benefit from it as it certainly has been a blessing to us!
Single mom of three students

A great education is the only thing you can give your child that will last a lifetime. The Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship has given me the opportunity to send my daughter to St. Peter’s Kindergarten. I feel very blessed to have this door open for my family.

Early intervention is imperative to helping autistic children. My granddaughter is now enrolled at St. Peter’s School where they recently opened an autism unit. She grew two years in that one year at St. Peter’s.
Eileen Gedeon—Grandparent of student in the Autism Program at St. Peter’s School

When we were visiting various preschools to decide where to send our daughter, we were amazed by the learning environment Montessori provided that was unlike any other. This environment has enabled her to flourish and grow beyond the average expectations of a preschooler.
Courtney and Michael

Through the Post-Secondary Options program, I was able to take classes at Ohio State, fully paid for by the state. In addition, I took Advanced Placement tests (both through classes and on my own initiative) and earned credit through those. In the end, I had accumulated enough credit hours to be just two hours shy of being a junior in college. The best part of this was the opportunities it afforded.  I was able to spend time in several foreign countries and graduate with two bachelor degrees – in four years. The preparation I received and the encouragement I was given while at St. Peter’s made that possible.
Peter Chengelis ’00

The St. Peter’s High School education is the opportunity of a lifetime. While there, I made wonderful friends who I continue to hold dear. The classroom challenges presented by the dedicated teachers helped prepare me for graduate and post-graduate degrees, plus a career where I could make a difference.  Best wishes with your decision to choose St. Peter’s.
Kathy Mitchell Esbenshade ’73

>St. Peter’s helped me build a solid foundation in my belief in God and confidence in my abilities as a young person. This, along with the educational experience of an advanced, college preparatory curriculum, helped prepare me for the challenges of adulthood.  Thanks to St. Peter’s School.
Chris Wilson ’85

We chose St. Peter’s High School for what the school offers, not convenience. Personal attention, honors classes and the opportunity to be involved in numerous extracurriculars help each student reach their potential. A bus makes traveling from Ashland easier but it is the people that make it worthwhile. We felt blessed to be a part of the St. Peter’s community.
Christopher and Maryanne Chengelis, Parents of Peter ’00, Demetra ’98, Damon ’03, Alex ‘09

Being an alumni from St. Peter’s and having three daughters also graduate from there, I am still around as the Athletic Booster president because I believe in the school and the students there.  Academics are first and most important but the athletic traditions that I experienced there and passed on to my daughters is a very special thing that we have.  The athletic students there have a special place in my heart.  I hope to be around still supporting those young athletes as they pass through the halls and get older.  There is no FAMILY stronger than the St. Peter’s family.
Laura Mion Lindsay, ’86, Parent of Whitney ’07, Krysten ’08, Ann-marie ’12

In addition to providing the opportunity to learn in the academic arena, St. Peter’s challenges the emerging young adult to think on what they want their lives to be in the moral, spiritual, and ethical sense. This opportunity is unique to parochial education.
Daniel P. Moloney ’91

As I reflect on my high school days at St. Peter’s, two thoughts come to mind. First my interest in science, particularly in biology was fostered by a rigorous curriculum that forced me to become a “self-learner” and take an active role in the educational process. It wasn’t sufficient to just sit in class and listen to the teacher – I had to learn how to find information on my own and then apply it to what was being presented in class. Second, I learned to respect the teacher as a professional educator and as an individual who served as the leader in the classroom. As a “teacher” of medical students, I am fortunate not to have behavioral problems in the classroom like many of my colleagues in the high schools and colleges who are frequently forced to deal with these issues.
Gregory A. Mihailoff, Ph.D. ’63

We like many others had to and continue to sacrifice to have our children graduate from St. Peter’s. We also saw first-hand how this translated into real advantages, both academically and in terms of dollars and cents when our older two went off to college. Both of them have graduated college at the top of their respective classes and with comparatively little debt (it is important to note, that the small debt was not a result of our contributions, but of the awards and scholarships the kids earned). We expect the same will be true for the two now in the Junior High.
Michael R.Winters, Parent of Chris ’01, Emily ’05, Sophia ’17, Alexis ’18

Because of the generosity of St. Peter’s parishioners and alumni, we are preparing to graduate the last of our children from this wonderful institution. Although we have struggled financially, my husband and I have always prided ourselves on providing the very best situation for our children.  St. Peter’s community has been a terrific component of this plan. Three of our children have gone on to college and have been very successful.  Not only were they prepared academically, but they were also socially aware, spiritually open and confident in their talents and abilities.   Like many of their classmates, they attribute a large portion of their success to the excellent preparation that they received here.

We are very grateful to this community for being so welcoming, inclusive and generous.  The success of our children is due in no small part to the faith-filled atmosphere that surrounds St. Peter’s.  It is my sincere hope that we will be able to repay this magnanimous gift and enable other families to experience the warmth, the love and the commitment to excellence that make St. Peter’s the very best choice.
Anne and Clayton Rhodes, Parents of Taylor ’07, Curran ’09, Evan ’12, Will ’13

As many already know, I created a new website and digital presence for my alma mater Mansfield St. Peter’s. Those who know me also know that St. Peter’s has always been close to my heart, so it was a project I was happy to take on.

I spent a day this week on campus at St. Peter’s to speak with parish staff and school administrators about they can use this new digital platform to their advantage.

I also had the opportunity to tour the elementary and wander the halls of the high school. During those few hours, I was flooded with memories of my childhood and my twelve years at St. Peter’s.

There were a few bad memories, but most were good ones. There was one important take away from that day. How my Catholic education has helped shaped me into the man, husband and father that I am today.

Both of the school buildings are unique because they’re more vertical than most. The elementary school and high school buildings are both five stories tall. I had not been in the elementary school in over a decade. The school principal, Jim Smith, who was also my junior high math teacher, gave me a tour.

We started in the basement — 1st grade. That’s where I started out in Sr. Carolita’s homeroom in 1982. Down the hall from the other 1st Grade classroom that was dedicated to Mrs. Hoffer who taught in that room for over 30 years. I remembered learning about the explorers who traveled to the New World in that classroom. Today, the room is still much the same with the exception of the smartboard on one wall.

The music room, also in the basement, hasn’t changed much. Same desks, same choir risers, same stand where Mrs. Brook displayed her visual aids.The first grade students we met on the stairs still stopped and as a group said, “Good Afternoon Mr. Smith.”

As a tech guy, I loved to see all the technology in the classroom. Every classroom has a smartboard. iPads are now in use for students in several grade levels. St. Peter’s now has a Spanish immersion program in the same classroom where I learned 6th grade English.

The fourth floor brought some tough memories back. My junior high years were rough. Then I was just the pudgy kid who was picked on. Today, it’s defined as “bullying”. There were many days where I would come home crying and even a few times where I wanted to transfer to public school.

It was my mom, who told me to learn to laugh with them. That piece of advice ended up changing me for the better. But I’ll save that story for another day.

So even with all the new technology, the one thing that stuck out was the teachers. There were still many familiar faces — people who taught me twenty years ago are still teaching in the same classrooms.

These dedicated men and women have given their lives in service to teaching boys and girls how to be great men and women.

They don’t make what their public school counterparts make — but they stay. They don’t have the same union negotiated health benefits — but they stay. I’m sure their pension plan isn’t what the tenured teachers get — but they stay.

Mrs. Hoffer, Mrs. Brook, Mr. Glanz, Mrs. Kulka, Mr. Smith, Ms. Dillon, Ms. Geiger, Mr. Reith, Mr. Strang, Mr. Shoulders, Mr. Mulherin, Sr. Bernie and Sr. Pat — just some of the people who have dedicated their lives to Catholic education. This is just my short list. There are many, many more… There were also several new faces teaching the next generation of students.

Every day, I’m reminded by how my Catholic education has molded me into who I am today.  It’s why I will sacrifice so my kids get that same great education and more importantly the moral compass to guide them through life.

So to all my teachers who dedicated their lives and sacrificed personally to teach at St. Peter’s…I say — Thank You.

To all teachers who choose to teach in Catholic schools — thank you for all that you do.
Jason Crundwell ’95