Second Quarter Honor Roll

St. Peter’s School released this week the names of the students who achieved honor roll status for the second quarter of the 2020-21 school year. Students with an asterisk after their name achieved straight “As.” Students who achieved a 4.0-grade point average are also noted in the list. Overall, 59% of St. Peter’s School students in Grades 5-12 achieved academic honors.

Class of 2021 – Twelfth Grade

First Honors
Cecelia Baldasare*
Caden Brubaker* (4.0)
Cara Brubaker* (4.0)
Charles Couch* (4.0)
Donavon Duncan
Katherine Elliott
Grant Farragher* (4.0)
Gavin Foltz*
Albree Grose*
Kennedy Hatfield
Isabella Kern* (4.0)
Mackenzie Montanez
Zachary Newton
Alayna Rickly
Julia Rizzo
Celeigh Roberts
Teaira Ross
Katherine Schonhardt
Izabella Smith
Emily Tanchevski*
Audrey VanDyne

Second Honors
Emilee Bodnar
Molly Vitcusky
Madalynn Yeager

Class of 2022 – Eleventh Grade

First Honors
Madison Bays* (4.0)
Lamaiya Boswell
Jacob Culp
Makayla Hall*
John Harris
Elijah Jensen
Zachary Keffalas
Ahmani Mitchell
Alana Mitchell
Kendall Nolen* (4.0)
Bryan Phillips
Danielle Powell*
Ross Pruettmiller
Corey Schenkelberg
Isaac Stampfli
Malaki Stanfield
Natalie Tanchevski*
Nakyrah Williams
Kellen Young* (4.0)

Second Honors
Elizabeth Dauterman
Emma Fesler
Alexander Garcia
Charles Schonhardt
James Williams

Class of 2023 – Tenth Grade

First Honors
Adrian Allen* (4.0)
Erin Belmer
Payton Bodnar
Gianni Bonham
Mahala Boothe
Alyssa Carroll* (4.0)
Audrey Couch* (4.0)
Griffin Cruthchfield
Grace Dix* (4.0)
My’kia Letlow* (4.0)
Kiersten Pitcher
Sean Putt
Logan Rhodes
Elijah Selser* (4.0)
Natalie VanDyne
Andrew Wendt
Dominic Wendt

Second Honors
MaKenna Coontz
Terrie Feagin
Angelo Gasper
Kanija Green
Mik’a Letlow
Makenzie Hardin
Paige Richardson
Kiyah Wentz

Class of 2024 – Ninth Grade

First Honors
Camryn Beauford
Caelyn Brubaker* (4.0)
Katherine Bryant* (4.0)
James Jerger
Tamera Lindsay
Analina McCabe* (4.0)
Zora Mills* (4.0)
Josephine Reef* (4.0)
Gisele Ward* (4.0)
Trinity Withrow-Gremling* (4.0)

Second Honors
Elijah Evage
Shariya Owens

Class of 2025 – Eighth Grade

First Honors
Magnolia Chamberlin* (4.0)
Callina Francis* (4.0)
Blade Hedrick*
Sania Jefferson
Joshua Laux* (4.0)
Madison Osborne*
Nicholas Osborne
Sydney Phillips
Sydney Rizzo* (4.0)
Kelly Wolboldt (4.0)

Second Honors
Rayden Baltazar
Kaylee Bond
Lilian Colarosa
Carter Fesler
Lamy’yah Lindsay

Class of 2026 – Seventh Grade

First Honors
Tiffany Clemons
Conner Fournier* (4.0)
Olivia Laux

Second Honors
Brooklyn Jackson
Braylon Patterson
Heaven Taylor
Chelsea Williams

Class of 2027 – Sixth Grade

First Honors
Meredith Rizzo*
Abigail Farragher
Kendyll Renz
Callahan Cavanaugh

Second Honors
Madelyn Yoha
Brayden Madden
Ta’Neyah Hammock

Class of 2028 – Fifth Grade

First Honors
Madeline Levron*
Remington Hedrick
David Crundwell
Dominic Stoner

Second Honors
Quinn Chamberlin
Andrew Meade

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, St. Peter’s School is currently offering prospective families the opportunity to visit the school through individualized private tours. If you would like to learn how your child can become a member of St. Peter’s School community for the 2021-22 school year, please contact Jason Crundwell, 419-524-2572 x2125 or email [email protected]