GLOBE Training

Educators from four schools in central and north-central Ohio gathered at St. Peter’s Elementary School June 10-14 to become GLOBE-trained teachers. 

Training focused on data collection in urban areas and included data such as air temperature, surface temperature, precipitation, soil characterization, soil temperature, and land cover characterization.  The GLOBE Mission Earth program, a collaborative of multiple institutions across the United States, is funded by a NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice, and provided attendees with equipment to implement the GLOBE program in their classrooms. 

Our thanks is extended to Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Janet Struble and Sara Mierzwiak, of The University of Toledo, Elizabeth Joyner of NASA Langley Research Center, and our own Susan James, for planning and implementing this training event.  St. Peter’s School now has five teachers trained in the GLOBE program!

Go Spartans!