More EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Good News!


St. Peter’s School families read the good news last week about the additional opportunity high school students in Ohio will now have with the EdChoice Scholarship.  Students in grades 9-12 for the 2019-2020 school year who are currently attending public or private schools (St. Peter’s High School) and who would be assigned to a high school that is on the EdChoice Designated Schools list are now eligible. Mansfield Senior High School is on the list of EdChoice Designated Schools so your child is eligible for the EdChoice scholarship if: (a) you live in the Mansfield City School district and (b) your child would be assigned to Mansfield Senior High School if they were not here at St. Peter’s High School. 

Here is even more good news we received this week!

The State of Ohio Department of Education will also open an additional EdChoice Expansion Scholarship application period beginning July 1.  The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is based on family income only,regardless of where the student is currently attending school–public, parochial, or private.  For example, a family of 4 whose income is $51,500 or less would be eligible for the scholarship.  A family would be eligible to apply for this scholarship upon admission to St. Peter’s School. 

If you think you might qualify for either of these scholarships, please contact our St. Peter’s School staff member, Laura Gregory, at 419-524-2572 or [email protected].  She will answer any questions and, if eligible, get you started on the admission/application process. St. Peter’s School will end the application process on Friday, July 26.

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