Urban Iditarod 2019

SPHS/JrHi students and staff had a great time at this year’s Urban Iditarod. A collection started weeks ago and as of last Friday, the day of the event, there was just short of $2,000 to be donated to the Catholic Charities Food Bank. Groups competed with their hilarious skits and the Iditarod took a weater-related turn of events. In lieu of the outdoor cart race, there was a dodge ball competition. SPHS alum and Alaskan Iditarod veteran competitor, Matthew Failor, was in town and spoke to the students during a short assembly prior to the skits and race. What a great day! Go Spartans!

Winning Team – Ralph/Haus
Winning Team Money– Ralph/Haus $590 Couch $353 Mulherin $256
Winning Skit – Ralph/Haus “Teacher Meeting”
Winning Costume – Couch “Happy Trees”
Winning Theme – Couch “Happy Trees”
Dodgeball Champs – Henrich
Overall Winner – Catholic Charities!