Montessori – Individualized and Hands-On Learning

Thank you to Montessori teacher, Mrs. Beres, for sending these photos and for the descriptions of these student “works”.

The Montessori students use many strategies to learn, but at our school most of our learning is individualized and hands-on! Reading! (Letter sounds- f=fork!) After mastering letter recognition, letter sounds, word families and “flip-cards”, we are ready to read the first series of 10 soft vowel books. Upper-case letter recognition work! T! Sorting initial sounds of pictures! B and M here! Lower case letter SOUNDS! Reading challenge is called Movable Alphabet. The teacher voices 3-4 letter words and the student finds the correct plastic letters to spell the words. The challenge is multi-leveled because the letters need to be placed properly then printed well!

Science . . . look at those observation skills! (Science-The Four Seasons)