How Lucky We Are!

Wow! We certainly do have a great collection of photos here, most of them taken while we went from classroom to classroom this past week for our annual revision of the school brochure and a few taken elsewhere. We couldn’t help but notice the passion for teaching and the eagerness of students to learn, all the while realizing how lucky we are here at St. Peter’s School.

Passion for teaching is contagious. It gets students passionate about learning, it ignites their inner curiosity, and it gives them confidence in their own capacity to learn. Passionate teachers generate enthusiasm, which brings out the best in their students and allows their performance to soar. Sharing the joy of teaching . . . whether it be for reading, science, history, music, art, math . . . forms the foundation for a love of learning. (Evidence Based Learning)

Thank you to teachers everywhere and, especially, to the teachers at St. Peter’s School. And thank you to the students for your eagerness to learn.

Go Spartans!