Refresher With Father Jeremy

Of all the students from grades six through twelve, 54 of them are servers for Mass so Father Jeremy and Angie Dillon, Server Program Coordinator, did a short refresher after Tuesday’s all-school Mass.  Many of these students serve Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s or their home parish and they serve for school Masses and funerals during the week and on Saturdays.

Spartan Athletic Boosters “Reverse Raffle & Euchre Tourney”

Spartan Athletic Boosters Reverse Raffle and Euchre Tourney

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Location: Franciscan Activity Center
$10,000 Grand Prize for Raffle–woo hoo!
Catering by Fast Eddies–yum yum!

Tickets are available!! Get your tickets now!

Purchase in the Parish Center Office or the high school office.  Or call/email Carla Eighinger at 419-610-5232,

Band Students

The plan was to make a quick stop to the 5th grade band class and take a few photos for the new school brochure but we were so impressed that we stayed and took some video of one of the first practices with Mr. Friend and his 5th grade band students.

Keep in mind they have only been working for a few weeks to get “in sync” with each other. Those of you who play an instrument or played in the band just a few or many years ago will remember the “beginnings” of your musical career!

And then we thought it would be fun to tape the veteran high school band members who continue to perfect their skills.

We appreciate the performances these students provide for us during the holidays and community parades and we applaud Mr. Friend for his patience and passion for the St. Peter’s band and music program!

5th Grade Band


High School Band

The Dishwashing Room Story

On a rotating weekly basis, students assist in the cafeteria during lunchtime in the dishwashing room. We’re sure many of you alumni remember heading over a little early to lunch when it was your week and having quite a good time doing your share to help out.

Many of the students say they enjoy doing this and this crew here “owned it” last week.

As we watched them moving about, it looked as though they had been there for a long, long time. Wasting no time, they kept up quite easily with all the trays, dishes, silverware, and glasses–to the point that there was usually an empty drop-off area.

Good job, to the young ladies and gentlemen here . . . and to all the other students who diligently do this job! And thank you!

Careers in Engineering

Mr. Kevin Brooks from the University of Toledo, College of Engineering, visited again this year with students in Mr. Bradner’s calculus class this week about the interesting applications of math and science in all fields of engineering.  While salaries vary by branch of engineering and level of education, recent graduates have higher average starting salaries than their counterparts with degrees in other fields of study.   The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that environmental engineers will experience growth that is faster than the average for all occupations while biomedical engineers will experience growth that is much faster.  Mr. Brooks showed the students some prototypes and other examples of items used in various fields of engineering.