Christmas Cards for Those Who Serve

Both Mr. Bradner’s math class students in the high school and the elementary students in art classes and other classes prepared hand-made Christmas cards to be mailed and given to those in the Armed Forces.  Mr. Bradner has done this project every year for many years and this year the elementary school joined the project.  Students write a message in each card that is prepared.  Thank you Mr. Bradner and your students and those teachers and students in the elementary school who will brighten the spirits of many people during the holidays.

Principal for a Day

Being top seller in the magazine sale has its perks.  Tommy earned “Principal For a Day” and had a great time being principal with morning announcements, a special lunch at Chipotle, making rounds in the classrooms, and an end-of-the-day special announcement for all students.  Thank you to Mrs. Bauer for sending the lunch photo.

Get Ready for the Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade is just around the corner!  Part of the St. Peter’s Marching Band was on hand during this particular practice this week and are getting ready for the event, scheduled for TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 6:30 p.m. and sponsored by Downtown Mansfield, Inc.

Be sure to join the fun at the parade . . . and watch the entire marching band do their thing!  Thanks to Mr. Friend and all the marching band members for their many practices and for representing St. Peter’s School at the Halloween Parade!

Singing the Color Song in Spanish

A few Montessori students were playing “teacher” last week and Mrs. Beres taped them singing the “colors” song in Spanish that they had just learned. If you don’t know your color names in Spanish, you might know them after you watch and pay attention to this like a good student!

Ice Cream Treat Winners

These students enjoyed  ice cream as a treat for their efforts in last month’s magazine sale and having Father Jeremy join them for ice cream was even more fun.  Thank you to the mothers and Mrs. Bauer who manned the ice cream table!  Yum! Yum!