Father Jeremy Accepts and Passes On the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Click here for Father Jeremy’s Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS research.

Continued challenges should be placed on social media (Facebook, etc.)

Lady Spartan Tennis Team “Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS

LOGOSpartan-LogoThe Lady Spartan tennis team accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Mrs. Bacon and announces it here on the St. Peter’s YouTube account. They challenged the priests at St. Peter’s–Father Hite and Father Miller–and with Father Hite’s day off Monday, Father Miller accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to meet the 24-hour deadline.

What is the Ice Bucket Challenge and what is ALS?  Take a few minutes to click on the links to find out.

View the Lady Spartan Tennis Team “ALS” Challenge acceptance, commitment to donate and inform of ALS, and their challenge to the priests–all on the St. Peter’s YouTube account!

For a look at Father Miller’s acceptance and to see who he challenges next, check the website tomorrow!!!!!


Medalist in NWOCSA Cross Country Tournament

Luke Henrich medaled in yesterday’s NWOCSA (Catholic schools tournament) Cross Country meet at Maumee Bay State Park. Luke won the 2-mile junior high race with a time of 12:37.

Congratulations to Luke and all the other cross country team members who proudly represented St. Peter’s High School & Junior High at yesterday’s meet.


Elementary Class List 2014-2015

Elementary School Class List


Kindergarten AM

Kindergarten PM

First Grade Room 101

First Grade Room 105

Second Grade Room 202

Second Grade Room 206

Third Grade Room 304

Third Grade Room 306

Fourth Grade Room 301

Fifth Grade Room 401

Fifth Grade Room 402

Sixth Grade Room 404

Sixth Grade Room 406 

Student (Grade 9-12) iPad Pick-up

Correction: iPads can be picked up Thursday Aug 21,  from 3pm to 4pm in Room 218.  Please have all necessary forms and a case if needed.

Please have this Student iPad Program Acknowledgement Form St Peter’s 8-11-14 signed before receiving your iPad.

You need the following before you can take it with you.
  1. Attached form signed by you and Parents/Guardians.  Be sure to read the agreement here
  2. A case. Apple iPad 2-4 use the same case in most instances. (Some of you already have cases on your iPad)
  3. Apple ID.  Most of you have done this already.  If not, go here.
  4. If your iPad was not reset properly at the end of school last year, it will take some time to reset.  Please email Mr. Chamberlin for info on your iPad.  
  5. ALL freshmen iPads are ready.
  6. New students will be assigned iPads as quickly as possible
  7. You will receive directions on how to connect to the school WiFi to download the necessary apps and files