OSU Students

It is always a pleasure to have OSU students working with our students and teachers during their training to themselves become teachers.  These two young gentlemen are taking a Methods class at OSU and as part of the curriculum, spend many days here at St. Peter’s Elementary School.   Welcome, gentlemen!  We hope you are enjoying your work here.


Fun Visit

Mrs. Bauer stopped in to visit the Montessori students and they were all ready to stand for a cute photo with her–smiles galore!  Thank you to Mrs. Beres for sending this great photo.

Sister Paula’s Motto

“It pays to collect labels!”

That is a favorite motto of Sister Paula Bingert and she continues to promote saving labels to benefit St. Peter’s.

If you would like to help out Sister Paula in her efforts, save your Campbell’s UPC labels, the General Mills Box Top labels, and the Tyson chicken labels (shown here).  She submits all of them from time to time and receives cold hard cash with which something needed is purchased for the buildings or programs.

Where to drop them if you begin to collect?  Parish Center Office and ask they be put in Sister Paula’s mailbox.  Or if you are a collector from afar, mail to Sister Paula Bingert, St. Peter’s Parish Center, 104 W. First Street, Mansfield, OH 44902.


WMFD “I Love My Job”

On Monday, Mr. Mike Wasiniak and Mrs. Madalyn Bauer were guests on WMFD’s “I Love My Job”, hosted by Mr. Doug Theaker. Thank you to our principals for doing so and to WMFD and Mr. Theaker for the opportunity to introduce Mrs. Bauer and Mr. Wasiniak to the community.

Watch the show this week on Thursday and/or Sunday.

Thursday, September 25, 8:30 p.m.
Sunday, September 28, 1:00 p.m.
Time Warner-Channel 15; Dish-Channel 68

Refresher With Father Jeremy

Of all the students from grades six through twelve, 54 of them are servers for Mass so Father Jeremy and Angie Dillon, Server Program Coordinator, did a short refresher after Tuesday’s all-school Mass.  Many of these students serve Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s or their home parish and they serve for school Masses and funerals during the week and on Saturdays.