Mrs. Tressa Reith Will Hand Over Reins to New Principal

St. Peter’s High School and Junior High principal, Mrs. Tressa Reith, will be leaving after twenty-two years of service to our parish and school, serving the last fifteen as principal.

We are thankful for her commitment to the ministry of Catholic education to our parish school–all to the benefit of our students and families–over these past twenty-two years.

Below is Mrs. Reith’s letter to St. Peter’s families and friends.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear St. Peter’s High School and Junior High Families and Friends,

Were you able to take in our wonderful production of The Sound of Music last month? In it there was a wonderful scene in which Captain Von Trapp discussed marriage with Maria. Thinking he needed permission from her Mother Superior to request her hand in marriage, he asked if there was anyone he should consult regarding his proposal. After Maria gave him a knowing look, together they said, “The children!”

I, too, feel when changes are to come that it is important to respect our children by supplying them with information. This is why I, earlier today, informed our students of my plans. At the end of June, I will hand the reins of St. Peter’s High School and Junior High to a new principal. I’m not comfortable with the verb resign, and I’m too young to retire, so I’m calling this temporarily taking myself out of the work force. It is not something I saw coming nine years ago when we moved my parents into our home, but it is clear to me now that it is the right choice for me and for St. Peter’s.

My 22 years at St. Peter’s have been such a blessing to me! Every experience with our students tugs at my heart and makes it extremely difficult to make this choice. I have worked hard to be accessible to students and parents, to attend school functions and events, and to maintain an open door policy wherever I happened to be. I never minded a school-related question at a game or in the grocery store. I believe a principal needs to be available to his or her school families. In recent times, I have been less available because I have also made a commitment to take care of my mom. The time has come for me to face that my promise to her makes me unable to keep my promise to my school families. I want St. Peter’s to have a principal who can be available 150% of the time, like I used to be. As difficult as it is for me to make this change, I trust that it is right for our school. We are strong with an amazing student body and an experienced, dedicated staff. I trust the process that will seek and find the right person to lead St. Peter’s High School and Junior High. That process found an extremely capable and loving Catholic leader in Mrs. Madalyn Bauer when it was necessary to seek a new elementary principal. I have found her to be an excellent and caring principal who knows her stuff. I’m sure that same process will find an excellent, caring, and well-prepared Catholic principal for our high school and junior high as well. Father Hite’s expertise and guidance will again lead us to a fine new principal. His expertise and guidance were also welcome gifts in my ministry to St. Peter’s and I am so very grateful to him!

It is with profound gratitude to all of you and to God that I make this change in my life. Every day at St. Peter’s taught me something important. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for making St. Peter’s such a successful and special school. Thank you for continuing to support St. Peter’s in the future. That future is bright. I will proudly watch from a distance as St. Peter’s High School and Junior High continues to excel in the Catholic formation and education of young people. It would be an honor to maintain our friendships and I pledge to you my love and prayers.

Tressa Reith

Town Hall Student Program

On Monday, April 7, Mrs. Chengelis, Mr. Strang and Mr. Rissover traveled with four senior high school students to Playhouse Square to hear Bob Woodward present “The Price of Politics”.

Mr. Woodward is  Associate Editor at the Washington Post and Pulitzer prize reporter on both the Watergate scandal  and the aftermath of 9/11.

Mrs. Chengelis obtained free tickets as part of the Town Hall student program.

Thank you to Mrs. Chengelis for these photos and information.

Young Leaders Institute

The Mansfield-Richland Area Educational Foundation (frequently referred to as the Chamber Foundation) was established to foster economic understanding and pursue other areas that benefit the free enterprise system and the American way of life.

Every year since 1982, two high school sophomores from every public high school in Richland County, as well as the two largest parochial schools, have been chosen for a seven-month program designed to familiarize participants with our diverse community opportunities, resources, issues and institutions. Further, these “future leaders” have the opportunity to interact with one another as well as today’s leaders.

Congratulations to Claire and Brady for representing St. Peter’s High School as they hold their certificates received at this school year’s last meeting for participation in the Young Leaders Institute.  They also presented United Way checks to allocated non-profits.

Thank you to Laura Brackett for sending this photo and information.

“Bright Lights, Big City”

Mrs. Jennifer Pennell, certified art teacher for the elementary school, is again coordinating the annual Fine Arts Festival, scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

This year’s theme of “Bright Lights, Big City!” will include artwork in various styles created by students, student dance, instrumental and vocal performances, face painting and refreshments in the Museum Cafe.

If you are looking for an evening filled with art and entertainment, please join us on Wednesday, May 7, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the elementary school building.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. The Junior 3B Theology class traveled to the Mansfield “Y” to help plant 2,391 pinwheels, representing the number of investigations made by Richland County Children Services in 2013. Carl Hunnell and Brianne Kindinger, staff of Children Services, also talked to the students and shared information and statistics.

“Regina’s Kids” have been busy making blue ribbons for the student body, staff and faculty to wear during the month of April.

Thank you to Mrs. Maryanne Chengelis for this information and the photos.